2010 Families

In 2010, two families from two states traveled to D.C. to participate in Family Advocacy Day and advocate on behalf of Children’s Hospital Boston.

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Zebediah is a charismatic, kind, adventurous boy who loves to build intricate Lego structures; play with his rambunctious dog, Misty; and eat non-dairy chocolate ice cream (daily if he could). Zebediah has very unique health issues.  He was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and alveolar hypoventilation syndrome at a very young age. Zebediah has had surgeries every year of his young life.  His adenoids have grown back five times, causing breathing problems, sensory issues, and sleep deprivation. Zebediah’s parents believed from the beginning of Zeb’s health issues that he needed to go to a hospital that dealt specifically with children’s healthcare issues.  They advocated strongly for the ability to have Zebediah seen at Children’s Hospital Boston.  Because of this, Zeb has had and continues to have the best doctors in children’s medicine.  The family feels that Children’s Hospital Boston has given them the gift of hope.  They believe that Zebediah’s health challenges will soon be resolved as a result of the devotion and expertise at Children’s Hospital Boston.


In December 2006, while in fourth grade, John became seriously ill. He was diagnosed at Children’s Hospital Boston with severe ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. After many months in the hospital, John underwent surgery to have his colon removed. He had a colostomy bag for many months, but was able to return to school and participate in baseball. John’s sister’s experiences as a visitor to Children’s Hospital Boston inspired her to become active in volunteer work on behalf of chronically ill children. John continues to visit the gastroenterology staff at Children’s Hospital Boston and is enjoying being a kid again.

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