Mid-day update from Amy DeLong, Govt. Relations

FAD201347Our day’s gotten off to a fabulous start! We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and took off for Capitol Hill. I travelled by metro with Lauren, Thomas and their families—and we were joined by our soon-to-be CEO Sandi Fenwick. At the Hill, our group split up with the three families separating to visit officials from their home states of Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

The first order of business after getting to the Senate offices (Russell and Dirksen) was meeting New Hampshire Senator Ayotte in her office for a coffee hour she holds with her constituents. The Thomas’ family had a chance to tell their story and did a great job of explaining the importance of access to care at Boston Children’s Hospital for New Hampshire residents.

From there, our families and staff have held meetings in the offices of Senator Collins, Representative Pingree—both from Maine—as well as Representative Shea Porter of New Hampshire and Massachusetts Senators Cowan and Warren.

Please check back for more updates and photos. For now, we are off for the afternoon meeting line-up.

~Amy DeLong

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