Getting down to Business

It’s been a great first day in Washington DC. There’s just so much to do and see here, especially considering that many museums and attractions are free and open to the public. We spent this morning at the Lincoln Memorial—where we got a chance to walk by the reflecting pool and stand in the same spot as Martin Luther King Jr. when he gave his “I have a dream speech”—and later the National Air and Space Museum.

We’ve just had a great lunch with the other families and the staff from Boston Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Hospital Association has designed cards with the and picture of every patient and other children have been coming to our table this whole hour trading cards with Lauren, Thomas, and Riley.

It’s time to get down the business though. We’re on our way to learn more about Family Advocacy Day and the policies we will be discussing tomorrow on Capitol Hill with our Senators and Congressmen. A famous actress from The Walking Dead will also be there for a role-playing exercise with some of the families here.


The Children’s Hospital Association really went out of their way to make politics fun with a School House rock video about how a bill becomes a law.

~Roberta (Lauren’s mother)

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