Out of pain, a silver lining for the Cerabona family

We are almost totally packed and ready to rock and roll to DC tomorrow morning!

We are so very excited about the opportunity to attend Family Advocacy Day with the Children’s Hospital Association, as guests of Boston Children’s Hospital, and are eager to meet other parents and children who share similar situations/journeys. 

We’ve done our homework in learning about Congresswoman Pingree and Senators Collins and King.  We’ve even (almost) perfected telling our story (in ten minutes or less!!!) which has been a very complex feat given our/Ri’s eleven years of medical involvement. We have special outfits picked out for our day on Capitol Hill and we have made plans with old friends in DC during our free nights. 

We have even been asked to participate in a role play during the briefing session—in front of many people—with a real actress from The Walking Dead, who will be playing a congresswoman. (Ri will have a chance to let those awesome improv/acting skills she has learned at River Glee, shine thru, during the role play.) There are plans to visit the Spy Museum, the Zoo and the Museum of Natural History, as well as other monuments and sights.

In the midst of all of this busy-ness, we are mindful and are super grateful for this opportunity and for the silver linings that have come from some extraordinary, and often painful circumstances.  We know that this will be an amazing experience to be part of and cannot wait to share it with you!  

If you are on Facebook, Marc and I will be posting photos and updates there and I’ll be blogging for BCH and will share those blogs here as well.  Also, there may be some photos and activity on the Speak Now for Kids Facebook page, so make sure you like it and keep an eye out for us: 

~Kristen (Riley’s mom)

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