The Aboujaoudes recap their day

Yesterday the Aboujaoude family had an amazing day of meetings. Here are their thoughts:

  • We met with Senator Jean Shaheen’s policy advisor Alison MacDonald this morning. It was an enlightening meeting. All of the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. It was really great to be able to tell our story and be heard. Nicholas was so excited to give his baseball card to Alison. We are looking forward to our meeting with senator Ayotte.
  • We were walking to lunch when we were fortunate enough to actually meet senator Ayotte herself in the hallway. She was enthusiastic and eager to talk with us. We were just like true lobbyists having a quick meeting in the corridor.
  • Well, we had our final meeting with Congressman Bass. He was a good listener and was very supportive as well. He was interested in hearing Nicholas’s story and was eager to reassure us of his support. It has been a long and hot day. But we really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and discuss our most pressing concerns with our Senators and Congressman. Tomorrow we will wrap up our Capital Hill and DC visit by attending the weekly breakfast that Senator Shaheen offers for her NH constituants. We are looking forward to that.

Stay tuned for more from Nicholas and his family!

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