Day 1: Nicholas’s family reflects

Today was an awesome day. It started with a good breakfast where we got to meet other Children’s Hospital families from around the nation. We then had a wonderful tour of the city. The Lincoln Memorial was a Magnificat monument. It was a bit too warm but definitely worth it! We went from there to the  Vietnam War Memorial. It was very overwhelming to see all the names of those who died for freedom.

For Nicholas, the high lite of the tour was the Museum of Natural History. He enjoyed seeing the dinosaur exhibit as well as the giant elephant. However, I secretly think he may have enjoyed holding the extra large caterpillar the best. I was even brave enough (if only for a couple seconds) to hold a Madagascar Cockroach! Yuck!

After a morning of touring we had a great lunch that ended with a very informative briefing on how a bill goes from an idea to a potential law.

After a much  needed break we ended the day with an indoor BBQ. We stuffed ourselves while we were entertained by a magician, a yo-yo performer, face painters, caricature artists, and an amazing live performance by a band named Scythian! And last but not least, the children were showered with gifts by the Children’s Hospital Association. Needless to say, that after dancing the night away Nicholas and his sisters were all happy, tired, and ready to call it a day. Thank you Children’s for such a wonderful and memorable day!

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