Day #1 of Family Advocacy Day 2012

It’s Day #1 at Family Advocacy Day and we are having a blast. This morning we had a nice breakfast and were off on our sightseeing tour. We drove by the White House, The National World War II Memorial and the Washington Monument on our way. Our first stop was the Lincoln Memorial where we got off the buses to walk around and take photos. We climbed the stairs and had a great view of the National Mall. Unfortunately, the Reelecting Pool is still under construction so it wasn’t exactly reflecting, but it was still a great view.

Next we walked over to the Vietnam War Memorial, which was stunning and really had an impact on us. It is something everyone should see at least once.

We got back on the buses and headed over to the National Museum of Natural History where we saw fossils of huge dinosaurs, skeletons of giant fish and mummies. We even got to see the Hope Diamond!

After that it was time to go back to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon briefing for all the families to understand what we are going to advocate for tomorrow on Capitol Hill.

Now it’s break time before the big party tonight! Stay tuned to hear about all the fun.

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