A recap from the Watsons

We have returned from our fabulous Washington, DC experience.  I reflect back to my initial thoughts/feelings in awe.  It started during the departure trip to DC.  We met the New Hampshire family representing Boston Children’s.  They were so nice and shared their worry about how their daughter was going to react on the plane.  Well, theirs was an angel and mine was horrible.  We all had to laugh.  You should have seen us figuring out the Metro system.  Another laughable chapter!  We felt like we were on “Candid Camera.”


Our hotel room was great and the food was scrumptious.  Now, it’s time to get to work.  As I read the agenda and gathered my thoughts for our Capitol Hill meetings, I became very anxious.  We wanted so much to make Children’s proud.  They have done so much for us and we wanted to give something back.  Not only was I nervous about the actual meetings but also how to navigate our way around.  I was worried for nothing.  We were given a Children’s rep and photographer to guide us through the campus.  They delivered us to each meeting with ease.  We met with Maine Representative Mike Michaud, Representative Chellie Pingree, Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator Susan Collins.  Again, worried for nothing.  Each office welcomed us with open arms.  Everyone was so friendly and down to earth.  They genuinely cared about our story and showed compassion for our purpose.  All seemed to be supportive of the CHGME re-sign and understood the importance for our Children to access pediatric specialists.


I walked away with a feeling I never expected.  I spoke in depth with our new found friends from New Hampshire.  Like us, they have supportive friends and family.  Our friends and family just don’t understand what it’s like to care for our children (no fault of theirs).  We each spoke about our lives and the other struggles that come with it.  The frequent doctors visits, surgeries, work interferences, associated costs, ect.  I guess it was nice to know there are other moms like me experiencing the same challenges.


Our itinerary stated we would be meeting a secret visitor.  Can you believe Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) appeared?!  She greeted, took pictures and gave autographs to each child.  My children were in awe…ok I was a little excited too.  The entire stay was filled with smiles and laughter.  Despite all the medical issues the participants had, there was not a tear or frown for 3 days.


Once again I am truly amazed by the accuracy and professionalism the staff presented.  Top notch in every way.  I really hope the Watson Family’s voice was heared on Capitol Hill.  Our little ones need the CHGME budget to go through.  I can’t thank you enough Boston Children’s.  You have once again made a positive impact on our lives and hope we have done the same.  Our children are real “All Stars”!


~ The Watsons