Tips from a Family Advocacy Day alumni family

Hello families!  Here are some Family Advocacy Day tips from an alumni family….

#1) A singing “Wally the Green Monster” doll may cause problems in airport security, so be aware of that with your electronic toys, and plan for some extra time there that might be necessary to swab your belongings!

#2)  There are lots of bathrooms in the various buildings on “The Hill” (I think we visited them ALL with our kids.), but not too many of them have changing tables!  The front steps of the capital building do make for an excellent spot for a diaper change, though.

#3) Ask, no beg, the people who work in your representative’s office to take you for a ride on the “Secret Senate Subway”!  Very cool!

#4) Wear comfortable and supportive shoes on the day of your visits!  I learned that one the hard way, unfortunately!

#5) Have a blast!  The hotel where you will be staying is WICKED AWESOME and there is lots of fun to be had at the various events the NACH will be putting on for you!

Our family had such a wonderful experience at Family Advocacy Day last year, and we hope that it will be just as amazing for the families going this time too!

–Laura (Jakob and Caroline’s mom)

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