Our meetings


What a trip we just returned from! We met a lot of great people and we had A LOT of fun! Thursday consisted of 3 meetings for us. Our 1st meeting was with Chellie Pingree, who wasn’t able to stay to hear what we had to say about how important it is for all children to have health insurance. We were able to get a couple pictures with her and then she had to leave to go take a vote. We were able to express our story to 1 of her staff members who was great! The next meeting was with Senator Susan Collins. She sat for about 20 minutes and was very attentive to what we had to say. She is a great woman. We got some pictures with her and then she was off. The 3rd meeting was with Senator Olympia Snowe, who unfortunately was in a meeting so we were unable to meet her in person. We met with one of her staff members to tell her our experience at Children’s Hospital Boston. All of the staff members that we met with will meet with their “boss” and hopefully relay our information to her. I am hoping that they will take everything into consideration and get a bill passed that mandates all children have health insurance. We would like to express our deepest graditude to NACHRI and to Children’s Hospital Boston for giving us this amazing opportunity. It was so much fun!


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