Massachusetts meetings

I accompanied Cody and his family to Capitol Hill Thursday morning to meet with Massachusetts members.  Our first meeting was with a health policy fellow in Senator Kennedy’s office.  The HELP committee was busy at work today marking up their health reform bill.  It was nice of the staff to take time to hear about Cody’s experience at Children’s and listen to our concerns regarding health reform.  From there we went to Congressman Delahunt’s office.  The House was scheduled for 28 votes today, which we hear is a near record number of votes.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t get away from the floor to meet with us, but his staff was very hospitable and generous with their time.  They explained to us how members are informed when votes are being called, and also listened attentively as we discussed how children and pediatric providers could be impacted by health reform.  They assured us they would keep our concerns in mind and encouraged us to keep in close contact as the proposals are further developed.  After a short visit to the botanical garden and a much needed lunch break, we made our way to our final stop of the day in Senator Kerry’s office.  He too was busy and couldn’t make the meeting.  But we spent time with his health legislative aide who is deeply involved in health reform.  We are confident she will convey our messages to Senator Kerry.  Cody, Heather, David, and Matthew did a wonderful job talking about their experience and why Children’s is such a vital resource.

Lisa (Manager, State Government Relations, Children’s Hospital Boston)

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