“I need to go pottie”

I had the pleasure of accompanying Jakob and Caroline’s family to their meetings with the offices of Senators Shaheen and Gregg, and Congressman Hodes.  All the NH legislators were hard at work and could not meet with us, but we had a great time meeting with staff members who were both welcoming and very responsive. Our favorite staff member was Alison from Senator Shaheen’s office.  She is having a baby and as a result felt right at home with all our talk about delivery, development and diapers.

Though Laura was the designated spokesperson for her family, it was really Jakob who stole the show.  At the beginning of each meeting, he would announce “I need to go pottie.”  When he would return from the bathroom he would then interrupt the conversation and announce, “I went pottie.”  After a good chuckle for the third time, I began to wonder whether meeting with legislators makes one want to go pottie. I guess only Jakob can really answer that question.  Regardless, the meetings were great and I can’t wait for next year’s Family Advocacy Day!

P.S.- Don’t tell the other families, but after our meeting with Congressman Hodes’ office, we got to take a ride in the secret Senate subway. Jakob and Caroline loved it!

Maria (Government Relations Specialist, Children’s Hospital Boston)

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