We’re here!

Jakob_CarolineI knew that the first airport experience with the kiddos would be an experience – and it WAS!  We were held up in security because Caroline’s “Wally the Green Monster” doll set off an alarm…..all of our bags were searched and swab tested and Caroline was NOT HAPPY about having to part with Wally for his tests….it was a little comical!

The plane ride went well, Jakob and Caroline were pretty scared during take-off (Caroline cried and Jakob looked on the edge of it) but they both LOVED the landing.  Jakob even asked if we could do it again afterwards and Caroline cheered!

In the afternoon, after checking into the hotel, we got a little something to eat and headed to the White House.  At a souvenir shop along the way, Jakob was drawn to a life-sized cardboard cut-out of, who else, Barak Obama!!  We took some pictures of the kids with it so now Jakob at least feels like he saw the person that he came to see!

This morning, we took a fun train ride on the Metro with Amy and Keri to Senator Jean Shaheen’s office.  Her staff had fun entertaining the kids and we got to speak with her for a little bit and take some pictures too – very exciting!

So – so far, so good!  More to come…..


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