Hill sightings

Maria, Keri and I spent the day walking around Capitol Hill so that we will be ready to lead our families to their many meetings!  It is a good thing we did – we learned that Senator Gregg’s office has moved to a new location, so when we travel there with our NH family, we’ll know exactly where to go!

We stopped in front of the Capitol Building for a moment, just as the Members of the House of Representatives were coming out following a vote.  We saw lots of Representatives rushing back to their offices and hearings.  We were pleased to see Congressman Lynch of Boston, MA and he took some time to stop and chat with us about why we are in town.  Just after seeing him, we spotted Congressman Langevin of Rhode Island and he stopped to talk to us as well.  Both Members were very pleased to hear that Children’s is engaged in the health reform effort.

Scouting out all our offices and speaking to two House Members about health care reform was a full afternoon, so we are enjoying a cup of coffee downtown and waiting for all the families to arrive.

Check back soon for photos from today!

Amy (Manager of Federal Government Relations, Children’s Hospital Boston)

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a very productive day and you’ve only just begun! We wish all of the families and members of the CHB team a lot of success – and fun!

  2. Great blog! I am convinced your collective presence will make a difference in Washington for kids and their families. You’ve got a great hospital – let them know it!


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